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Saturday Weekly Art Class (age 4 to 6 + age 7-12)

Oil and Cotton Creative Exchange

Spring Session: January 4-May 23 (20 weeks)


Families of two or more enjoy a 10% discount.
No classes held Easter weekend.

Age 4-6 Group: Designed especially for the preschool to Kindergarten artist. Ages 4 to 6 explore a variety of art-making materials and concepts, while learning about artists from history. This small class fosters creative expression, motor skill development, classroom etiquette, and art tool safety.

Students work through a curriculum series structured on art elements, principles of design, periods of art history, and specific artists. Projects vary in length, and a sketchbook of observational drawings is kept during and outside of class.  Each week, we explore a new medium, concept, or technique.

Age 7-12 Group: This spring, we continue our focus on the principles of design, beginning with rhythm. We will explore design and painting on alternative surfaces with Yayoi Kusama, then rhythms of chance and daily life, drawing and oil painting on canvas with Wayne Thiebaud. Then we switch gears to sculpt a favorite animal in proportion. We will learn to draw animal anatomy as we examine skeletal structure, musculature, and surface textures, constructing from armature to finished sculpture.  After spring break, we dive into architecture and perspective with several mixed media projects inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. Our last few weeks will be spent reviewing what we have learned this year through a self-designed project.

This program is ideal for giving students access to a range of ways to make art, while helping them develop observational drawing skills and the language of critical thinking about art.

To find out how to add this class to your school's daytime or afterschool program, please contact Kayli or Shannon at [email protected]

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