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Oil and Cotton Creative Exchange

Paper Marbling
CLASS DATE: Sunday, April 30, 12-2pm
LOCATION: Oil and Cotton Studio
STUDENT #s : 6 min - 16 max
INSTRUCTOR: Shannon Driscoll

This one-day workshop is an eye opening introduction to the craft of of embellishing surfaces with colorful marbling. We will begin with a brief lecture on preparation and process. This includes sourcing and selecting materials, pretreating surfaces with a mordant, and a demonstration on mixing a Carrageenan marbling gel/size bath. Colors will be floated and manipulated on an aqueous surface and transferred to a paper or fabric surface, creating a unique pattern reminiscent of the natural look of marble, stones and liquid smoke. Class will focus on experimenting with marbling on paper and if we have time, a silk swatch.

We are excited to share this ancient technique used to embellish paper with swirls of color with you!

Students will learn:
- chemistry and how to coat papers and surface with an alum mordant
- how to make a Carrageenan size
- how mix and test a variety of paints with gall
- to make a splatter brush and other marbling tools from household items
- how to manipulate the floating paints to create magical patterns of color

Leave class with at least 12 sheets of marbled paper.

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