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Free Art & Drama Summer Camp (2 Weeks)

Art Centre Theatre

FREE 2 week Summer Arts Camps Monday-Friday / 9AM-5PM / Ending w/ Art Show & Production on the last Friday of camp 

Early dropoff is available for a fee, parents will need to inquire about it on the 1st day of camp.

The children will be split into groups & will rotate through stations throughout the day focusing on Dance, Music, Acting, Story Creation, Arts & Crafts & Improv.  All stations work on projects related to the theme of the camp. 

This camp is Pirate themed, the children will work on projects that include dragons, giants, witches, princesses & other fantastic creatures!

We have lunch break & 2 snack breaks throughout the day. All groups will eat together "picnic style" to encourage group cohesion. 
Unique Pieces is a 501 c(3) Non Profit that services the community by providing free lunches for people in need, they'll be providing free lunch & 1 snack for all of our campers this year. 
Provided lunch may not suit the dietary restrictions or needs of your child, please look over the planned menu before making that decision, parents are more than welcome to provide lunch from home.

Unique Pieces only provides us with 1 snack for the day, so please pack a 2nd snack for your child. 

The first Thursday of Every Camp is Hawaiian Falls Day, this is an optional field trip. We may plan a 2nd field trip on the 2nd Thursday of Camp depending on Time, Availability & Group Dynamic. Further Field Trip information will be provided during the Parent Meeting. 

The last Friday of Camp, the campers will put on a presentation including everything they've worked on during their time at camp. Friends & Family are encouraged to attend to cheer on the children.

If you have questions, feel free to let us know. 

Camp Address: 
Art Centre Theatre 1400 Summit Ave Suite E, Plano, TX 75074

Theater Box Office #: (972) 881-3228

Theater Email: [email protected]

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1400 Summit Ave Suite E · Plano, TX 75074

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