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shepard fairey: backward forward and gabrielle goliath: chorus

Dallas Contemporary

shepard fairey: backward forward on view: 25 september –  23 july 2023

the power of shepard fairey's art is in the combination of the compelling narratives inherent in the pictures he creates and his ability to adapt to a continuously changing society. he has established a long-standing career as a master storyteller who uses images to help us navigate the complicated world we inhabit. backward forward is the artist’s first-ever solo museum exhibition in texas and highlights the evolution of fairey’s career from the confrontational d.i.y. style of defiant youth to a narrative of hope, equality, and shared humanity. 

shepard fairey: backward forward is curated by adjunct curator pedro alonzo. gabrielle goliath: chorus

chorus is on view: 25 september –  19 march 2023

chorus is housed in an immersive, elegiac audio-visual environment in which participants are encouraged to linger. two videos are projected onto large, free-standing blocks, which are positioned in relation to each other and occupy darkened space with funeral gravity – and for good reason. the conditions of hope that underscore the social encounters of her work ask for what she terms a life-work of mourning – or “to imagine and seek to realize the world otherwise is to bear with us those lost to or still surviving an order of violence we hope to and must transform.”

a note of care from the artist: this is a work of mourning. whilst you will not be confronted with scenes of violence, images of abjection or horror, you are nonetheless asked to presence yourself within a commemorative space, to participate within a sonic vigil, calling to remembrance black, brown, femme and queer lives, lost to the crisis of femicide in south africa.

gabrielle goliath: chorus is curated by assistant curator emily edwards.

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