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Kelsey Anne Heimerman: Limitless Illuminations

Samuel Lynne Galleries

Contemporary oil-painter Kelsey Heimerman’s exhibition titled Limitless Illuminations aims to encapsulate the rich complexity of the human experience using a maximalist style with the highest end of materials, including oil paint and 23-carat gold leaf.

Displayed artwork uses the language of pop art to push the boundaries of composition, thus defining new limits. Derived from the observance of psychology and art history and cultures from across the globe, her style becomes entirely distinctive. These mythologies combine a modern eye inspired by technology, creating a universal language of patterns and mysticism that is met with a contemporary twist. Heimerman’s images represent a world of positivity that illuminates cultures from our past simultaneously infused with current culturally relevant trends, in a way that charges viewers to consider their own place and power in the cultural landscape.

Heimerman will be present at the exhibition reception to meet guests and give an artist talk. Samuel Lynne Galleries welcomes our clients and the public to Limitless Illuminations by artist Kelsey Anne Heimerman. Join us in enjoying the artworks of an artist who reminds us all to push the boundaries of connecting art and people in new and innovative ways.

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1105 Dragon St. · Dallas, TX 75207

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