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ADULT ART WORKSHOP: Desert Nightscape Painting

Oil and Cotton Creative Exchange

Desert Nightscape Painting
Class Date: Saturday, Oct 15, 3-6pm
Location: Oil and Cotton
Instructor: Erika Duque

In this beginner friendly acrylic painting workshop, you will create a 10” x 10” desert nightscape painting on wood panel. This project will focus on layering, how to create the illusion of twilight, and how to paint onto a wood panel surface. Class will begin with a discussion and overview of paintings that inspired this project and works from art history that depict twilight. You will then learn several brush and acrylic painting techniques, as well as how to mix color. The goal of this course is for you to develop an understanding of how to mix and use color properly, and how to layer acrylic paint to create dimension in your landscape.For this class we will use acrylic paint: primary colors (red, blue, yellow) and some white paint, one fluorescent color, a medium round and medium large flat acrylic paint brush, and paper (heavy weight paper) to practice basic acrylic paint techniques, as well as a surface such as a canvas, wood panel or paper for your final painting.

Kit includes:

- 10” x 10” wood panel
- 3 pieces of heavy paper for techniques studies
- medium round, medium flat brush
- Acrylic paint: primary colors (red, blue, yellow and white)
- One Florescent color, pink or yellow are recommended


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