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Wandering Pantry by Adrianna Touch

Eastfield College


Wandering Pantry thinks about how we use food to build and sustain relationships. For the artist, Adrianna Touch, food fuels our experiences of life. It nourishes both our social and individual tastes so we can discover the world we live in.

Her childhood was filled with different cuisine since her parents did not want a picky eater.  Growing up Cambodian American, Touch enjoyed delicacies that might seem strange or unusual to anyone who isn’t culturally familiar. Cooked chicken and fish meat were often eaten with bones still intact. Rambutan, a tropical fruit that looks like a spiky-furred, red ball, was a sweet treat. Dishes were seasoned with fermented fish sauce, a strong-smelling and salty condiment.

In this exhibition, Touch imagines herself as a playful nomad who searches for things to add to her collection of clay sculptures, drawings, and found objects. She invites us all to be curious and come along on this journey. Visitors are encouraged to participate in the exhibition by leaving objects on the provided shelves.

Drawing from her food philosophy, the gallery will grow as place of shared and active reflection. By asking people to contribute, her work becomes trust-based much like today’s community fridges and gardens. Wandering Pantry will change and take different forms as Touch creates new art in response to each donation. In fostering a mutual care and hope, she reveals how our personal eating decisions influence our connections with others and the environment around us.

Location: 219 Gallery 


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