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Kathryn Bagwell: Inside/Out

Umbrella Gallery

Kathryn Bagwell has a beautiful new show at the Umbrella Gallery. Come out to enjoy the artwork of "Inside/Out."

From the artist about the work:

“I continue to create people in my art because I cannot figure them out in real life. My works contain themes, emotions, and conundrums that I encounter in daily life, either in family, friends, books or current events. Vintage photographs are my best source for facial references, and I often photograph myself for hand and foot positions.

To begin a piece, I start with charcoal or pencil on a bare canvas, charcoal for improvisational drawing, pencil for geometry. My favorite moment is putting on those first few strokes of color, usually the face. Mentally, I can luxuriate in the rich language of shape, color and line. It is simultaneously compelling and soothing.

Synesthesia is something I have experienced firsthand, as I sometimes see colors when I play the piano. Interestingly, I find that I cannot listen to music that I have never heard before when I am working in my art studio. I tend to listen to the same music over and over, and currently have the Dave Brubeck quartet on repeat. I am grateful for this chapter in my life and the opportunity to connect with people through art.”

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2803 Taylor Street · Dallas, TX 75226

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