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Hands-On Harley-Davidson

American Airlines CR Smith Museum

Hands-On Harley-Davidson is an educational, traveling exhibition that lets kids explore science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) concepts that go into building and riding motorcycles. The exhibition features an engineering lab where kids can conduct physics experiments and a build-it bay where kids can build and ride their dream bike.

Dream It: As a design engineer, children will learn how acceleration, speed, friction and gravity affect a motorcycle in motion. An engineering lab offers tracks, ramps and loops to run physics experiments.

Build It: As a motorcycle mechanic, learn about engine parts and how they work together to create a smooth and safe ride. Children can use interchangeable parts to build their dream ride.

Ride It: Kids can role-play as a community service officer and learn about traffic safety, hand signals and trip preparation. A first-person riding experience lets them encounter the ultimate ride.
Experience Hands-On Harley-Davidson when the exhibition pit stops at the American Airlines CR Smith Museum, which is open Fridays 10am–2pm and Saturdays 10am–4pm.

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