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Opening Reception - Grace Nicole: To Know Me is To Know You

500X Gallery

500X Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition "To Know Me Is To Know You" by Dallas-based artist Grace Nicole.

This body of work was birthed out of the exploration to be connected to self and the matriarchs in Nicole's family. Through collective conversations with matriarchs in her family, she was able to translate pieces of their life stories through her lens. This exhibition aims to not only display the common threads between Grace and her family, but also make the viewer become more curious about the stories of the women in their own family. To take the people that they love out of the roles and titles they play and see them as just their own full entity. 

“Zooms, phone calls and in-person interviews were the catalysts to document the experience and stories. We would use the weekends to travel to Beaumont, Texas to capture their stories through film photography and video. While talking with the women in my family, I began to see them differently. Some journeys became clearer, some were surprising and some looked parallel to mine.  Listening and translating all that I learned into a body of work was humbling.  Absorbing these stories, then translating to a medium that doesn't lend much room for correction was scary, nerve-racking yet exhilarating. This exercise stretched me and my ability. It has made me vulnerable, yet proud. Freed yet sad all at the same time. Come take a peek into the lives of women I love and maybe spend a moment reflecting on the women in your own life and see how they have cultivated who you are.“

To Know Me is To  Know You will be held July 9 -  July 31, 2022, with an opening reception on Saturday, July 9th,  7-10 pm
500 X Gallery is open on Saturday & Sundays  from 12PM-5PM.


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