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Michelle Cortez Gonzales: On the Mend

500X Gallery

On the Mend is a solo exhibition by Fort Worth-based artist Michelle Cortez Gonzales.

This body of work focuses on complex sentiments of nurture, familial ties, and silences portrayed through painting and installation. Fragmented imagery, sourced from photographs, nature, and personal memories are layered over hand-made and found domestic materials. 

Michelle uses vivid colors, patterns, and practices associated with tradition to speak to a deeper and emotional inheritance that is passed down and sewn into the lives, homes, and personal stories of her Mexican American family. Practices often lost through generations - sewing, braiding, stuffing, embroidering, and painting become important meditative rituals in her work. 

She is deeply informed by the people in her life who shared cultural experiences through labor, hand building, and objects. Simultaneously, she acknowledges the destructive patterns of the familial silence, generational trauma, and shame that have cultivated and consumed her. Conjuring memories and connecting to the past through the work has allowed her to link to her ancestors and aid in her healing journey. This exhibition is meant to evoke memories of one’s own familial past and the ever present truths we hold within our history and identity.

The exhibition will be held July 9 -  July 31, 2022 with an opening reception on Saturday, July 9,  7-10 pm. 





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