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Place Setting at Pegasus Plaza

Pegasus Plaza

In partnership with other organizations - including Sunset Art Studio, Downtown Dallas Inc., and the Dallas Public Library - this installation is a multi-week activation project at Pegasus Plaza in Downtown Dallas throughout the months of June-July 2022. Events will include storytelling, sewing, a free-cycle market, urban agriculture outreach, and display of student design work as we work towards creating a vibrant, interconnected space for Dallas.

Support for this work has generously been provided by Downtown Dallas Inc. and the National Endowment for the Arts.

In order to create more inclusive and equitable public spaces in Dallas, we have to acknowledge their history. Dallas is located on the ancestral homelands of the Kickapoo, Jumanos, Tawakoni, Wichita, and Caddo Indians. Pegasus Plaza is located near the Arkikosa (Trinity) River, where members of the Caddo Nation were settled. The genocide and forced removal of the Caddo are part of the founding of Dallas and an important part of the history of Pegasus Plaza. For more on the history of Native Americans in Texas, go to http://americanindianheritagedayintexas.com/

Pegasus Plaza is also the site of the lynching of Allen Brooks in 1910. Allen Brooks was a Black man who was dragged from the courthouse where he was on trial for rape. There is no evidence that Brooks was guilty of the crime he was accused of. A mob entered the courtroom and killed him before a verdict could be rendered. His body was hung on the corner of Akard and Main. Last year, 111 years after the lynching, a plaque was erected at Akard and Main corner of the park - we encourage everyone to read the plaque and learn more about this history. For more on the effort to acknowledge sites of racial terror in Dallas, go to https://dallascji.org/

We encourage everyone to take DART to come to the event! Akard Station on Pacific Avenue is the closest stop by the Plaza.

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