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Congregate: A Reflection on Community Amidst Chaos

Kinfolk House: A Collaborative Project Space

Congregate, features work by celebrated artists Skip Hill, Colby Deal, and Angela Faz. The latest exhibition will launch with an opening reception Saturday, June 4, 2022 from 12 pm - 7 pm; all three artists will be in attendance.

This project explores the feelings of seclusion brought on by the health precautions taken globally to mitigate the effects of the pandemic. The works on view reflect on the past two years and investigate the complex meanings of community, culture, and isolation. As the pandemic wore on, people attempted to remain connected, reconnected, and made new connections through technology.

Kinfolk House was created with the purpose of bringing people together to experience community, creativity, and art-making – making Congregate an especially apropos follow-up to the inaugural project, Welcome. Unveiled this past spring, Sedrick and Letitia Huckaby envisioned the collaborative project space as a place to discover creativity and explore the nuanced and varied meanings of art. In its opening year, the creative space will prioritize projects that embody its core values -- uplifting the creativity and people of the polytechnic neighborhood, building bridges between unexpected communities, interrogating the meaning of art, and removing art the barriers established by the traditional art world.

As a unique collaborative experience, Kinfolk House will partner with Stage West Theater to present the satellite exhibition, Matriarchy, featuring work by Marianne Lettieri and Demarcus McGaughey which interlinks with themes explored in Congregate.

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