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Festival of Joy

Klyde Warren Park

Kalachandji’s presents the Annual Festival of Joy with a Parade, Music, Dance, Free Food and a Splash of Spiritual Culture at Klyde Warren Park on Saturday, May 21st 2022.  It is a family friendly event organized around the theme of holistic living, Ayurveda, yoga and spiritual knowledge based on Indian Vedic culture. The Festival is typically attended by many dignitaries from around the area. (The festival is non-sectarian, open to the public and free for everyone.)

Participants will pull the colorful chariot by hand along Flora Street, accompanied by the singing of ancient Sanskrit mantras and the sounds of traditional musical instruments. The park’s main stage will feature non-stop classical music and dance performances. There will be a variety of cultural and educational exhibits including traditional craft and cooking demos, yoga and meditation instruction, face painting, mehndi (henna tattoos), traditional dress-up, ethnic street food stalls, and a free vegetarian feast provided by Kalachandji’s restaurant. A feast for all the senses and the soul!


The Ratha Yatra chariot festival has been observed annually in the city of Jagannath Puri in Orissa, India for over 3,000 years, making it the world’s longest-running street festival. The giant chariot carries Lord Jagannath – in Sanskrit, jagat means the universe, and nath means Lord. Pulling the Lord of the Universe’s chariot is considered an honor, and an opportunity to achieve eternal benefit. Upon seeing this festival, the English colonial governors of India coined the present-day word juggernaut, aptly meaning “a massive, inexorable force.” It is an opportunity for all to immerse in the spiritual traditions of ancient India.

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