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Women of Now: Dialogues of Memory, Place & Identity

Green Family Art Foundation

The Green Family Art Foundation is pleased to present Women of Now: Dialogues of Memory, Place & Identity, an exhibition co-curated by Clare Milliken and Bailey Summers, opening on February 12, 2022 and remaining on view until May 22, 2022.

“Women of Now: Dialogues of Memory, Place & Identity explores how twenty-eight rising female artists synthesize memory and a sense of place as artistic tools to impart their unique identities to the world.” – Clare Milliken and Bailey Summers, co-curators

Artists include: Caroline Absher, Louise Giovanelli, Danica Lundy, Danielle Roberts, Hayley Barker, Sasha Gordon, Maud Madsen, Antonia Showering, Ana Benaroya, Ania Hobson, Rute Merk, Brea Weinreb, Coady Brown, Rachel Jones, Jenny Morgan, Anna Weyant, Lucy Bull, Cheyenne Julien, Anna Park, Lily Wong, Somaya Critchlow, Dominique Fung, Aubrey Levinthal, Hannah Levy, Lauren Quin, Hannah Lupton Reinhard, Issy Wood, Michaela Yearwood-Dan

The works in Women of Now celebrate the unique voices of some of the most compelling rising female artists of today. For each of these artists, the convergence of memory, place and a sense of identity shapes the visual narratives they impart into their artistic creations. Within the exhibition, many of the artists delve into themes of representation by means of reflecting on memories of exclusion. From Ana Benaroya’s powerful yet inviting reclining nude, to Somaya Critchlow’s assertive and provocative seated woman, to Dominique Fung’s inuendo-laden scene, these three artists look to their pasts as inspiration to create compelling paintings imbued with a more well-rounded representation of their LGBTQIA+, Black and Asian communities, respectively. The reimagining of art historical tropes is also an integral painterly element for many of the artists in Women of Now. Jenny Morgan’s ethereal interpretation of a dear friend as a contemporary odalisque and Anna Weyant’s playful reworking of René Magritte’s trompe l’oeil paintings are prime examples of how the merging of personal stories with the cannon of art history creates scenes of surreal intrigue. For several artists in the exhibition, such as Lauren Quin and Michaela Yearwood-Dan, the fusion of powerful memories and their distinctly personal visual languages of abstraction generate paintings that transport symbols of more recent memories into the minds of observers. And, for artists such as Sasha Gordon and Danielle Roberts, their vividly saturated investigations into their pasts produce scenes replete with deeply person meanings. By bringing this dynamic group of artists together, Women of Now generates a conversation of what it means to be a woman in today’s society.

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