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Jay Hendrick | Clear As Mud

Mesquite Arts Center

Please join the Mesquite Arts Council as they welcome Texas artist Jay Hendrick. "Clear As Mud" will be inside the Mesquite Arts Center's main gallery from January 10 - March 19. The gallery is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8-5 PM.

Description of Exhibition:

Where water and land meet there is mud – combining resistant yet ultimately friendly elements of wet and dry. Clear as Mud squishes together multiple attempts at painting into singular endeavors.

Most of the paintings employ a technique I call, Stretch/Re-stretch, wherein I take a larger canvas and staple it down to the stretcher. I then make a painting as normal. I then pull it off the stretcher, tack it down with some of the previous painting showings, then make yet another painting. It is like writing an essay with a paragraph that does not relate yet can be used as a jumping-off point.

There are multiple paintings in one painting. Some of the larger paintings are stretched and re-stretched twenty times or more. The paintings are made with different scale stretchers.

The idea came about when I wanted to get outside the standard truth of painting/drawing: it is a solitary activity. In 2017 I got together multiple Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginian painters to engage in this system. I made a painting then re-stretched it for each artist to work with. They modified my paintings then I turned my solo show into a group show.

Clear as Mud takes this back to a self-working scenario, safe in a personal studio. Each painting attempt doesn’t really extract a singular sort of painting because I am always the author. While I try to pierce the veil of wet and dry I just kind of end up with something that is clear as mud.

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1527 North Galloway Avenue · Mesquite, TX 75149