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Recharged Conference 2022 -Power From The Pandemic - Virtual Event

*Virtual Event

The theme for the 2022 Recharged Conference will be “Power from the Pandemic: How Technology Makes a Difference,” said the event organizer and founder. This will be a virtual event, hosted on zoom.

Sharon Egiebor said the conference was designed in 2017 to share accurate and relevant information from credible community-based sources.

“The Covid 19 pandemic is a traumatizing experience, consumed by death, isolation and fractured relationships,” Egiebor said. “It is important to take this time, two years into the disease’s impact on the world, to provide encouragement and hope.”

The rolling sessions will cover elements of the big topics of the day: mental health, currency and finance, education and digital learning. Speakers will also discuss The Great Resignation, entrepreneurship and social influence.

Speakers include Stephanie R. Howard, behavioral counselor and executive director at Eldred McClean Counseling Center; Cherelle Wilson, principal at Nita Pearson Elementary School in Garland; Patricia Merthie, founder of Lady Patricia Merthie Ministries in Florida; Rod Logan, a Regional Vice President at Primerica Financial Services; Poet Victoria Rollins, the 2021 youth winner of the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts Artful Poetry contest; Crystal Dobson, CEO, and Joniqua Howard of CardiacFITT, LLC.; Nick Sterling, a social influencer; and Ingra Green, SlingshotU owner and author.


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