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Catherine MacMahon: Thresholds of Uncertainty

Erin Cluley Gallery

ERIN CLULEY GALLERY is pleased to announce Thresholds of Uncertainty – a solo exhibition by artist Catherine MacMahon. The exhibition will be on view January 8th through February 12th, 2022 at the gallery’s main location, 150 Manufacturing Street, Suite 210. The gallery is open weekly Wednesday through Saturday, 12 – 5 PM and by appointment. An opening reception will be held Saturday, January 8th, 5 – 8 PM with the artist in attendance.

Catherine MacMahon’s work explores tension by challenging how materials and process can be controlled or unrestrained. Binding and resistance are often met by unraveling and release. Underlining the uncertainty and contradiction at the core of the human condition – MacMahon presents sculpture and works on paper – finding her way through these concepts by way of her studio practice.

There is a sense of in-betweenness in MacMahon’s work. Hers is a quest to find hidden strength and latent fragility. The work suggests abstract liminal states, which question polarities, certitude, or fixed narratives, in favor of delicate deviances.

MacMahon’s practice also involves the exploration, and sometimes rejection, of the feminine identity ascribed to materials and structures. Her work reconsiders drawing embodied as sculptural practice and rigorously challenges what constitutes an interior space, how it is formed, and what social constructs are veiled within it.

In her second solo exhibition with the gallery, MacMahon will present a body of new sculptural works – a continuation and reimagination of her works made from thread-wrapped steel rods. With the addition of other materials like yarn and sequins, the works hone in on MacMahon’s blurring of what constitutes a drawing or a sculpture. Presented alongside the sculptural works will be a new body of work using Shibori – the Japanese technique of shape-resist dyeing. MacMahon has redefined this process for herself using indigo dye on paper.

Related to the thread-wrapped steel rod works – and for the first time in a gallery setting – MacMahon will present a new video work.

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150 Manufacturing Street · Suite 210 · Dallas, TX 75207

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