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Join us at our new location at 4755 Algiers Street in Dallas as we debut Katie McKay Jones' first solo exhibition in Dallas! Katie McKay Jones is a painter residing in Fort Worth, Texas. She graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with BA in Studio Arts. While there, she emphasized in painting and printmaking. Jones has had the opportunity to participate in several group shows in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for the past three years.

"My current work is a response to a lie I told my children: Monsters aren’t real. The more I tried to convince them, the more I had to grapple with the reality that monsters ARE real. No, there was nothing under their beds, however, the world is full of real dangers that I must prepare them for and protect them from. So, I began to create my own monsters to continue this conversation with them. For me, these monsters represent life. They represent the constant noise of hatred and oppression, the inner struggle between right and wrong, the unwillingness to see and truly hear other people, and all the lies we choose to believe. They represent the brokenness in this world. And yet in the loudness and chaos, there is always beauty to be found in life. There are bright, bold colors that evoke emotions.  There are scribbles that are naïve and playful. There are subtle textures and quietness in the details. I want the viewer to get close to my paintings, to feel the tension between loud and quiet, chaos and peace, weakness and strength. I want the viewer to find beauty in this world, despite its brokenness and feel empowered by it."

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