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Intermediate Digital Photography Series

Dallas Center for Photography

These classes pick up where the Beginner Digital Photography classes leave off. With the basics of exposure and focus you learned in the first four classes, these intermediate sessions will dig deeper into your camera, other photography gear and on to the more creative aspects of photography.

CLASS ONE: Beyond the Basics of Exposure

    • The light meter: understanding how your camera reads and measures light and how it can sometimes cause exposure problems.
    • Exposure control: bracketing, exposure compensation and reading a histogram.
    • Working with light: how to get good exposures in tricky situations including backlight and high contrast settings and some ideas on finding good light.
    • Speedlights: a brief chat about how a small flash can expand your range as a photographer.

CLASS TWO: The Wide World of Lenses and Sensors (and a little about flash)

    • Focal length and maximum aperture: deciphering the numbers on your lens.
    • Lenses: creativity vs practicality (and cost!). How to select lenses as creative tools. A look at ultra wides, telephoto, zooms, primes, macro and some surprisingly affordable options.
    • Sensor sizes: full frame vs. cropped sensor and what difference it makes to your photography and lens selections.
    • Support & stability: keeping your images sharp and vibration free through the proper use of tripods, monopods, stance, leaning & breathing

CLASS THREE: Combining the Technology and Art of Photography

    • Digital Workflow: post production is part of digital photography.
    • Composition: the architecture of a photograph, some rules and when to break them.
    • The art of photography: stepping beyond the elements of exposure and focus and thinking about color, gesture, timing and other creative aspects of photography.
    • Learning by doing: you’ll be given some prompts and ideas for shooting photos using all that you’ve learned in the classes to be submitted before the next session.

CLASS FOUR: Image Review (and a little dirt)

    • Dust & cleaning: when to worry about lens and sensor dust and how to get rid of it.
    • Image review: we’ll join in a fun and supportive image review of the photos you shot and submitted. If you’ve never had your images shown in front of others, don’t fret! Our teachers are gentle and encouraging, which we think is the best way to learn. This is usually the favorite part of any workshop and by bringing this experience to our class series, everyone will have a chance to share their successes and near-misses and learn from each other.

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4756 Algiers Street · Dallas, TX 75207