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Laura Neal: The South Dallas Cento

South Dallas Cultural Center

The South Dallas Centro” by Laura Neal | Opens December 17

“When I walk into the world, I consider how language conditions our experience. I wonder what histories and community cultures have been leveled by time and high-rises.” The South Dallas Cento is a video poem by Juanita J. Craft Artist-in-Residence, Laura Neal, and the South Dallas Community. Neal is a black, Dallas-based poet, greatly influenced by social and environmental narratives. She is interested in poetry’s ability to affect a society in a form analogous to religion, though compelled by a subtle call-and-response. She renders the ever-present experiences that occur everyday but go un-noted because of the standard lens of the “everyday.” Laura and SDCC invites you to join her to build a collective narrative and discover how your voice constructs an archive.

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3400 South Fitzhugh Avenue · Dallas, TX 75210

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