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Galleri Urbane - Dallas

Galleri Urbane is pleased to welcome back artist and architect Gail Peter Borden for an exhibition of new paintings and sculpture. SPACED features Borden’s signature resin cast acrylic panels that employ geometry to create spatial configurations and produce depth from flatness. Through single unit and multi-panel compositions across four new series, Borden continues to forge art and architecture and explore the perceptual nature of his formal systems.  

Crisp geometric fields of color serve as the basis of Borden’s investigation of form and space. Vibrant hues create edges, corners, and planes, forming micro environments within each panel. Perspective is harnessed for effect as angled projections imply depth and space to the human eye. Glossy resin surfaces homogenize the brushstrokes below, transforming each scene into an industrialized art object. The paintings are often presented as modular units of larger clusters, inviting the potential for more complex environments to arise in the overall composition. 

The paintings in SPACED comprise four distinct series that take varied approaches to creating volume and form. A series of four vertical 24 x 12 paintings utilize a simple two-color palette to establish edges. A series of 9 square paintings explore more complex geometries: depth volumes, corner portals, and frames within frames are composed in multiple color ways to offer diverse optical effects. Aggregate combinations installed in a grid compose geometric quilt-like compositions, highlighting the capacity for multiple individual works to work collectivity as a whole. Finally, a series of irregular shaped, multi-panel works utilize a 6 inch module engages the wall as compositional frame to create intricate adaptations of perspective. In addition to these paintings, SPACED also highlights a floor sculpture that extends Bordens interests into three dimensions with form, light, and shadow. 

Borden’s paintings combine the compositional integrity of abstract expressionism with the clarity of form in minimalism. Sleek and pared down to the most essential elements of color, form, and material, the works maintain the ability to offer maximum sensorial effect.


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