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Artist Statement: At OutLoud, we believe that every young person has a voice. Through the intersection of storytelling projects, creative discovery, activism and restorative practices, OutLoud creates spaces that value youth as the drivers of social change, promote wellbeing, and shift perspective about the capabilities of young people. Youth work alongside professional visual and spoken word artists, filmmakers, and photographers to create multidisciplinary storytelling exhibitions. Through these exhibitions, youth emerge as changemakers, using their voices to tell stories that move people to action.

Our work is centered around storytelling because we believe that personal stories drive social change through empathy building. We have identified that our greatest threat is our inability to see and value one another. This inability halts social progress and has created an empathic divide between us. It is OutLoud’s belief that it is impossible for someone to encounter another person’s story and walk through the world unchanged from that encounter. OutLoud’s goal is to engage with youth in creative projects that promote self-expression, activism, and close the empathetic divide through storytelling.

OutLoud intentionally creates a cohort of young artists for our projects that are diverse. This equitable representation of our community allows for multiple views to be seen and heard simultaneously. Our works aim to create platforms for young people to answer these two questions, “Who needs to hear your voice?” and “What do they need to hear you say?”

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