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Past Events

Spectrum East Fall Concert

First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church - Fort Worth

We start our 35th season with a brand new piece for two Eb Clarinets and String Quartet by Till MacIvor Meyn - composer and TCU Professor of Music Theory and Composition.  Canzoni di Fiori will feature former FWSO Principal Clarinetist, Victoria Luperi and FWSO Clarinetist, Ivan Petruzziello, along with Mark Miller and Elizabeth Belk (violins), Ute Miller (viola), Laura Ospina (cello), and Evan Mitchell on piano.

In addition to this new work, Chick Corea's piano trio Addendum for Children's Songs and Dies Irie for piano trio by  Kenji Bunch will be performed. Chick Corea was a jazz pianist who is perhaps best known for performing in Miles Davis' band in the 1960's.  This work, written in 1984, was self described as "convey[ing] simplicity as beauty, as represented in the Spirt of a child."  Living American composer, Kenji Bunch's music is "neo-American: casual on the outside, complex underneath, immediate and accessible to first-time listeners...Bunch's music is shiningly original." (The Oregonian)

Lastly, the unique String Quintet No. 3 in C Major, K. 515, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart will be performed by Ordabek Duissen and Tatyana Dyer Smith (violins), Dan Sigale and Aleksandra Holowka (violas), and Keira Fullerton (cello).

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