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Mike A. Lopez: Combustion, Release, Light

Dang Good Candy Studio & Gallery

Combustion, Release, Light is Mike A. Lopez’s first solo show and is a deeply personal body of work that showcases a life-altering fire that forever shifted the artist’s family dynamic. The project and its creator are the embodiment of the type of work Dand Good Candy seeks to add to the cultural experience of Fort Worth.

Mike A. Lopez’s family immigrated to North Texas when he was only eight years old. His work often explores the immigrant experience and draws on themes and imagery that coalesce his birthplace and current home while exploring and challenging ideas of identity, place, and space. In recent years, his approach to creating work in response to current events while employing a method of a directorial mode that mixes studio lighting and traditional techniques outside of a strict studio setting has caught the attention of galleries throughout Texas. In 2020, his work P.P.E. -- a series exploring the physical barriers and lost connection in response to COVID 19 -- was featured at Artspace 111, The Dallas Center for Photography, Deep Red Press, and Rockport Center for the Arts.

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402 Houston St. · Fort Worth, TX 76102

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