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ADULT ART WORKSHOP: Dyeing with Goldenrod and Indigo

Oil and Cotton Creative Exchange

IN PERSON: Dyeing with Goldenrod and Indigo
CLASS DATE: Saturday, Nov 6, 1-6pm
LOCATION: Oil and Cotton Studio
INSTRUCTOR: Aaron Sanders Head

Join Aaron for a day spent coaxing color from beautiful Goldenrod and Indigo. 

We’ll begin the day discussing how to best harvest golden rod and how to best prepare the plant for dyeing. The goldenrod will need to stew most of the day.

Using a ferrous iron vat, Aaron will guide participants through the process of creating beautiful shades of blue on natural fibers. Aaron will also cover a series of resist techniques, with a focus on folded, tied and clamped resist, to create beautiful manual resist patterns on fabric. Using previously dyed goldenrod fabric, we’ll create shades of green, and use resist techniques to create interesting layers of natural color.

We’ll remove fabric from the goldenrod pot at the end of the day for participants to take home. Participants will leave with goldenrod dyed fabric, indigo dyed fabric, fabric dyed with combinations of natural materials, and the knowledge to forage for future dyes.

Provided by Aaron

  • Fabric for dyeing with goldenrod

  • Fabric for experimenting with indigo

  • All indigo and shibori materials

Provided by Students

  • High-sleeved rubber gloves, like dishwashing gloves

  • Additional fabric for dyeing with indigo. Natural materials only, with cellulose fibers working best. Pre-wash in hot water before workshop. Bring lots!

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  • $155
Dates & Times
  • Saturday, November 6, 2021 @ 1:00 pm   2021-11-06 13:00:00 2021-11-06 16:00:00 America/Chicago ADULT ART WORKSHOP: Dyeing with Goldenrod and Indigo //artandseek.org/calendar/event/108294/adult-art-workshop-dyeing-with-goldenrod-and-indigo Oil and Cotton Creative Exchange, 817 West Davis Street, #110, Dallas, TX, 75208

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