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Windows to Nature

ArtReach Gallery - Lovers Lane United Methodist Church Foundation

Watercolor Artist Elaine Jary and Pastel Artist Donna Chambers have created a “Windows to Nature” show at ARTREACH GALLERY, located at Lovers Lane United Methodist Church, 9200 Inwood Road in Dallas.  Their show runs from July 2 through September 9, 2021.

Elaine and Donna describe “Windows to Nature”  as illustrating how art reproduces the restorative quality of nature through each artist’s interpretation in their mediums of watercolor and pastel.

In their words:  The paintings in this exhibit reflect our interpretation of the restorative quality of nature in our lives. Taking time out from our day-to-day activities to observe the miracles in nature that are all around us provides much needed calmness and reminds us to be grateful for the beauty we find in nature; beauty that provides moments of peace in our busy lives.

Our art is a reminder of the beauty surrounding us in our everyday lives. As artists, we choose subjects in nature to create a permanent reminder for the viewer of nature’s beauty. 

The beauty and grace of egrets and songbirds are created with an array of colors and texture. Whether our subjects are pets, wild animals, flowers, clouds in the sky at dawn or sunset, the ocean waves in calm and storm ... we endeavor to create the beauty we experience daily and share it with others. We create through techniques with pigments using brushes, and markings,  for a variety of color and texture.


Find This Event 9200 Inwood Road · Dallas, TX 75220

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