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Brushstrokes Conceptualized

Pencil on Paper Gallery

Color in its simplest form attributes to the physicality of one’s identity and traits. This often can define who we are on the surface and gives us narratives to share with the world. Children have the unique ability to see both aspects of humanity, the physical attributes as well as the inner core of one’s being. Through brushstrokes of color, young artists are encouraged to create work on canvas to share in this exhibition that celebrates the magnificence of the artist’s child, inside and out. This youth group exhibition will seek to show work in 2D forms that exemplify the beauty of the brushstroke and the conceptualization of the young artistic eye. Curated by Kelsey Holloway and Dr. Valerie Gillespie, this exhibition invites young artists to explore self, community, life, and culture through a variety of mediums as we celebrate the pure heart and imagination of the artist’s child.

Participating young artists: Rising Huckaby, Halle Huckaby, Rhema Huckaby, Camille Blair, Marley Jae Taylor, Lilly Childs, Tesla James Biggers, Finn Brant Jones, Ruby Grace Jones, Jameson Bartlett, Bailey Holloway, Riley Holloway III, Akeelah Abrams, Lola Savoie, Malakai Nance, Zoe Gillespie, Alice Porter Mathis and Lola Hayward Mathis.


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