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Inedibles in Bite Size Pieces by Jeff Rogalski

Eisemann Center

Visit the Forrest and Virginia Green Mezzanine Gallery to explore and enjoy this wonderful exhibit by EndGrainArtist.

Artist Statement:

In 2011, I began making cutting boards. As my woodworking skills became more proficient and my creative designs and production methods more complex, my cutting boards began to look more like works of art. In this process, I saw the opportunity to introduce the world to the intricate, natural beauty of the striations in the growth rings – or end grain – where each hardwood species gracefully displays its own distinctive color and characteristic “fingerprint”. Exotics like Bubinga, Padauk, Purple Heart, Wenge, Yellow Heart, Zebrawood, Nogal, Sapele, Lacewood offer a tasty assortment of visual flavors to the artist’s palette. Most of the world has never seen the beauty hidden in the end grain, much less has known that such beauty, especially in exotic hardwoods, even exists! Thus, the birthing of my EndGrainArt!

I invite you to experience this exhibit as you would a smorgasbord buffet offering you an assortment of yummy delights! As you move through the line, notice the variety of shapes and sizes, colors and textures and how they are thoughtfully and meticulously prepared for your viewing pleasure! Notice, also, which ones stir your appetite and seduce your taste buds! Touch and feel! Stare at the intricate complexity. Upon closer inspection, you will notice that each of these tasty end grain inedibles are flavorfully assembled in bite size pieces!


  • FREE!

2351 Performance Drive · Richardson, TX 75082