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Oil and Cotton Creative Exchange

IN PERSON: July 25 Colcha Embroidery
CLASS DATE: Sunday, JULY 25, 3:30-5:00pm
REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 3 days before scheduled workshop
LOCATION: 817 W. Davis Street, Dallas TX 25208
INSTRUCTOR: June Covington
NUMBER OF STUDENTS: We are limiting in person classes to 8 students. Students are required to wear a mask while in the studio, and must adhere to our safety policies.

Colcha Embroidery is a Spanish Colonial Textile Art which uses locally grown wool and dye plants. The early Spanish settlers brought sheep with them to New Mexico in the 1400’s. They learned from their Pueblo neighbors about the local plants that made the best dyes.

Colcha can mean bedspread, in Spanish, but it also refers to this type of needlework, the puffy stitches also also called “self-couching.” Couched stitches appear in many Medieval Textiles, especially Liturgical Garments. Couching requires a thin thread to hold down the thicker pattern yarns. With Colcha, the surface is covered and stitched down with the same thread. This saves material and keeps the back of the fabric tidy. In traditional works, the pattern is repeated in white on the back of the cloth, over the colorful bumps of thread from the front. This reinforces the material and gives it more weight.

The fabric, called Sabanilla, is made from local white churro sheep and hand- woven on a traditional Española Loom. It looks like burlap, but it is soft. It has sufficient body to be embroidered without a hoop.

June was introduced to Colcha Embroidery while visiting Española, NM. Glenna Dean, a retired Archaeologist who studies indigenous plants and their uses, makes these kits. Proceeds from kits sales support her work with her community.

Colcha Greeting Card Kits Include:
4x5” piece of sabanilla stamped with a traditional design (choose one)
An assortment of naturally dyed, New Mexico Churro yarn to match the design
Extra yarn and an extra piece of sabanilla for practice
A needle
Written instructions
A greeting card with a window for your finished work.


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817 West Davis Street · #110 · Dallas, TX 75208