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Unapologetic by Sontonya Necheal

Msanii HOUS Fine Art

As 2021 has emerged as a time of unhinged distrust, skepticism, and general doubt; abstract self-made artist Sontonya Necheal has created a sense of clarity, ease, and unapologetic honesty through her art. In her first solo exhibition with Msanii HOUS, Necheal’s creativity is enabled by the feelings and sensations she allows herself to feel during times of loss, grief, transition, and abundance. Her art is a spoken canvas representing her ability to fully navigate the chaotic feelings of her own humanness within her own life and the world surrounding her. This exhibition details her desire to show life, just as it is. The life that is not embellished or fetishized for industry consumption. Her exhibition directly honors the mysteries of death, the mistakes society deems as undesirable, and a full transition into freedom away from debilitating conventionality and structure.

Unapologetic is a collection of pieces filled with a variance of raw emotion palpable and observed due to the use of mixed media ranging from acrylic, pastels, charcoal to spray paint, cheesecloth, and homemade paper. The use of texture and fragmentation directly correlates to her refusal to never be contained, pressured, or rushed in her life and in her art. Faces can be seen in almost every piece to reconnect with the spirit that lives within all of us, a form of reckoning with our own truths that only the viewer can discern for themselves.

In contrast to her previous works, this exhibition is executed with ease and gentleness, allowing each piece to develop at its own pace. A reminder to the viewer to move with that same principle through the complexities of our own humanness.

Opening Reception - July 10th  2-6 PM

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