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Ghost Chromatic Alchemist

Oak Cliff Cultural Center


Opening Date: May 21, 2021 – July 3, 2021
Location: Oak Cliff Cultural Center

In collaboration with Ray Albarez, Oak Cliff Cultural Center presents “GHOST CHROMATIC ALCHEMIST” a continuous body of work created by a writer during quarantine.

About the Exhibit
Ray Albarez’s new creative process and art style have explosively birthed from the pandemic. As the world shifted to a halt and living online, remotely became the norm, it created a unique opportunity to make art. It sparked ideas of utilizing digital tools to order supplies, organize color schemes, and plan murals.

Murals were being canceled so Ray quickly began to order large canvas rolls, paint, and other supplies. His time also grew as there were fewer distractions and spent all of it creating. Color schemes were automatically created using a custom algorithm he created with the information he researched and gathered from a wide variety of paint suppliers. The planning process was formed from web meetings and paint apps. Creating artwork on canvas and documenting murals the artist was biding his time knowing that an opportunity would arise in the future.

As vaccines are made available, so will these works on canvas and walls be open for everyone to view, construe, debate, and repute.

About the Artist
Inspired by the urban landscapes, Ray Albarez paints the emotion of lyrics in music and explosivity of popular culture to give them a new context to reinforce their potency and relevance to his
everyday life.

His art has evolved from graphite on paper to acrylic and oil paint, which have catapulted him to apply aerosol on various surfaces. His process utilizes but is not limited to spreadsheets, algorithms, paint management, and time constraints. Ultimately, Ray Albarez’s paintings allow you to view, construe, debate, and repute his artistic style.

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