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Bencjones EP Release "Pop-Up" Show

Main Street Visitors Center - Fort Worth

Bencjones Announces “Disaster” EP Release “Pop-up” at the Fort Worth Visitor Center Showcasing The Artist And His New Music

Bencjones, the self proclaimed ‘Fort Worth Rocker’ primarily known for his 2019 song "Just One Gun", is back at it bringing a set of brand new songs to his growing fan base with his upcoming EP Disaster. The EP is a follow-up to his 2020 LP First They Get Your Money and is set for release Friday July 9th 2020. To celebrate the EP Bencjones has teamed up with Hear Fort Worth and Visit Fort Worth for a Saturday July 10th “pop-up” EP release party at the Fort Worth Visitor Center (508 Main St, Fort Worth, TX 76102) downtown Fort Worth from 6-8 p.m. 

Bencjones, who usually tries to play most of the song's instruments himself did things a little different this time. Due to the “Lockdown”, Disaster was recorded mostly online using the help of musicians from all around the world while Bencjones would coordinate and oversee the project from the comfort of his home. “The ‘BLM protests and the quarantine” definitely impacted my creative forces and process” Bencjones reflects, “When you are isolated your priorities of what’s really important begin to change. I think that came out in the music.” 

It’s very evident the musical direction of Disaster is clearly different from Bencjones’ previous LPs “Just One Gun”(2019) and “First They Get Your Money”(2020). Working heavily with outside musicians for the first time Bencjones trades his Heavy Rock guitar out for a Spanish one and the results are astonishing. The music takes on a maturity we haven’t seen from Bencjones before while his songwriting abilities are highlighted and stand out even more so as he dives into his singer-songwriter roots and softer side.”

“I would say this EP is about hope and love” Bencjones explains. “The title song “Disaster” is about being reckless but the rest of the EP is about finding and holding onto love and not being afraid.”  You get those in songs like “Baby don’t you fight it” , “You, and “Fire” which are great examples of those themes. However the song that really epitomizes hope and love has to be  “Chase That Love”. Bencjones lays it bare with this modern ballad of doing whatever it takes.

For many people the word “Disaster” would be an honest and true reflection of the year 2020 and for Bencjones, he is no different. “Not only was 2020 a “Disaster” but there’s a bit of tongue & cheek in the title on my end because I really feel like I’m taking chances putting music like this out so different from what I normally do. Love songs.” he says.

Bencjones has never been defined by one genre so it’s not out of the ordinary that his latest music stands apart from his extensive body of songs. Despite this he makes it all work and has been able to bring it all together into an experience that is unique and entertaining. This is what sets Bencjones truly apart from most artist in DFW today!

The EP showcase event will be an opportunity for people and media to meet Bencjones one on one. There will be a brief Q&A, a few announcements (including a special announcement from Amplify817 and The Fort Worth Library), live music by Bencjones and a few surprises. The event will last from 6-8pm and is open Free to the public. 

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