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Ross J. Farrar with DH Phillips & Mark Lanky

The Wild Detectives

Deep Vellum & POF present an intimate book release for ROSS J. FARRAR's Ross Sings Cheree & The Animated Dark at The Wild Detectives including performances by DH Phillips and Mark Lanky. TICKET PURCHASE INCLUDES ONE COPY OF Ross Sings Cheree & The Animated Dark to be picked up on-site. If you have already pre-ordered book, then email us at paradeofATgmailDOTcom for a private link to purchase tickets to this event.

A native of San Francisco, Ross J. Farrar is an internationally renowned singer, songwriter, and lyricist for the post-punk band, Ceremony. In his debut book of poetry, Farrar's narrative voice evokes Richard Brautigan mixed with Lower East Side songwriter-poets like David Byrne as he contemplates life outside of music. Farrar's poems glide between hazy evocations of being young on the West Coast, working at an adult bookstore, and drinking with friends, alongside layers of darker experiences: visiting the graves of friends and loved ones, leaving Cheree, the 2016 election. He mulls over the lost landmarks of his youth in San Francisco and a relationship both heart-wrenching and ultimately failing, a post-punk Dante ultimately aware that the show must go on.

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314 W. 8th St · Dallas, TX 75208

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