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Songwriters Feedback (Online Gathering)

Art House Dallas

This is a virtual event

FEEDBACK [feed-bak] – noun: a reaction or response to a particular process or activity.

Anyone who has explored the creative process understands the value of feedback. Exposing our “works in progress” to the critique of our peers certainly takes courage, but feedback can also take our creative endeavors from average to excellent. Art House Dallas wants to provide an encouraging environment within a small group setting to explore your strengths and potential areas of growth as an artist. Groups will be limited to 5 songwriters and Art House will provide facilitators who have exhibited a track record of success in their art form.



Date: Thursday, April 22nd

Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Location: Online via Zoom / RSVP Required

This songwriters’ event is for musicians that are willing to share their work in a live setting. All attendees are expected to share their music with their small group. For more information, please read below. 


After Art House Dallas hosted Song Project in February 2011, one of the biggest takeaways from the event was the desire of the songwriters to have time and space to play their songs and hear from their peers. Furthermore, we also saw that most of the songwriters wanted more time to be challenged in their routine writing practices and be pushed towards a higher standard of songs that are true, good and beautiful for the common Good. Our hope is that Feedback will achieve both.

Feedback for songwriters is a place where expression, discussion, and new ideas are encouraged. Art House Dallas is all about connecting folks, and we also want these groups to pave the way for making contacts in music, which any songwriter knows is one of many keys to success. So, join us for a night of learning and inspiration through the sharing of ideas with fellow songwriters.

Whether you’re listening or playing, please enter the night with the humility of a learner. No one comes out with a finished, profoundly impactful piece of art every time, and to gain the most from the evening, be quick to receive feedback as a statement on the piece of art, not on you as an individual or your artistic skill/sensibility.


Lyrics / Story: the topic, theme, the structure and language

Tune: chords, melody, mood, originality, and complexity

Arrangement: instrumentation, vocals, effects, key

Commerciality: What is the goal of this song? Where is the audience for this type of song?

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