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inBeTweens - An immersive installation by Lisa Horlander

Janette Kennedy Gallery

 This is an in-person event

The Janette Kennedy Gallery presents inBEtweens, an  immersive installation in which the visual spaces between tree branches are tangible  forms. Horlander challenges the viewer’s relationship with time, nature, and the space  we live within to open up dialogue about what it is to be.  

inBEtweens combines dreamy nature scenes on unconventionally shaped canvases,  tea stained images draped across wires, and illusional sculptural pieces that seem to  transcend physics and time. These pieces portray an interwoven theme that evaluates  perceptions of presence. The opening reception will be held on Saturday, April 17,  2021 from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Janette Kennedy Gallery located on the basement  level of South Side on Lamar at 1409 S. Botham Jean Blvd., Dallas. The exhibition will  run April 17th through May 29th. Masks are required at The Janette Kennedy Gallery  per South Side on Lamar.  

Lisa Horlander is a mixed media artist whose installation work and shaped paintings  explore spaces in between and within, with a focus on the natural ecosystems  surviving within urban environments. She is interested in the contours between tree  branches and roots along with contrasting colors within a particular transition of time.  She incorporates remnants of daily moments, like the paper from a teabag, into her  work and experiments with a variety of materials. https://lisarachelhorlander.com 

Horlander is currently part of Cohort 2 with the Cedars Union in Dallas and will be  showing with The Other Art Fair Dallas in the Fall of 2021. She participated in the  prestigious Summer Residency Program at New York University in 2018 and has exhibit ed in group exhibitions spanning Texas, most recently The Femme Abstract in Austin.  https://www.cedarsunion.org 

About Janette Kennedy Gallery 

The Janette Kennedy Gallery was established in 2002 as a venue for local artists to  exhibit work and to provide assistance in the exhibition process. As a community  gallery, it strives to empower artists and is a resource in helping to drive art careers  forward. The gallery differs from others in that it does not administer a fee for use of the  space, nor does it charged a commission on sold work. Artists who have exhibited at  The Janette Kennedy Gallery work in media such as sculpture, ceramics, video,  printmaking, painting, drawing, music, digital art, found object, experimental work and  site specific installations. For more info visit:  https://www.facebook.com/Janette-Kennedy-Gallery-151361824892591/ 

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