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Kumiko Johnson: Love, Honor & Respect: A Tribute to the Indigenous Americans

Msanii HOUS Fine Art

This is an in-person event

Black Sheep Art Culture is pleased to announce two long-awaited exhibitions by Kumiko Johnson during Dallas Arts Month. The first with Msanii HOUS Fine Art Gallery, titled "Love, Honor & Respect: A Tribute to the Indigenous Americans" will be on view April 2nd - May 15th, 2021 at 1017 S Broadway St., Carrollton TX 75006. Opening Reception April 3, 2021, 3-6 pm.

The second with Pencil on Paper Gallery titled 'Dancing with Moon" April 24th - June 18th, 2021 at 14466 Midway Rd., Farmers Branch, TX 75244. Opening Reception May 1, 2021 3-6pm.

In a time of uncertainty, Kumiko's art heals. She possesses a distinct style that evokes a curiosity for the past and longing for tradition. With a conscious and consistent palette, Kumiko merges color harmoniously with soft intent. Every work is a story yet to be discovered.

Kumiko has been creating Art for over 50 years! She is a graduate of the prestigious Tokyo University of Art and began her art career in Dallas over 45 years ago. She has never shown her work in any gallery or public setting. Until now...

In her own words "After graduating Tokyo University of Art, I decided to come to New York City to work as a textile artist. I moved to Texas and worked as a graphic artist creating many graphic arts for example greeting cards and package design. I started creating fine art because I was interested in the energy of people. Energy becomes color, shape, and feeling. I started painting portraits, especially Native American, African American, and my culture because we have a strong connection to Nature. I decided to paint various people because their stories must be told, so their souls will be honored, respected, and understood. I am simply a tool to speak to the people visually."

A loving mother to two beautiful daughters and four amazing grandkids. She is also the mother-in-law of former Dallas Cowboy Bradie James.

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1017 South Broadway Street · Carrollton, TX 75006