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Visages: Recent Portraits by Francisco Benitez

Maestri Gallery

Visages is a collection of recent works from Francisco Benitez. The works span from 2013 to current day. The works reflect a variety of his series’ and show off his wide range of artistic techniques. Typically working in oil Francisco, has worked back into an old technique of using encaustics which is a mix of heated beeswax and colored pigments which has been used since before the ancient Egyptians.

Francisco juxtaposes different art styles from various periods to highlight the political contexts, gender roles, and psychological realities of the various human subjects he paints. He uses historical pigments and materials to excavate the past, and make statements about our own place in history at this time of upheaval and inexorable change.

“Francisco has taken a very traditional and medieval subject matter, a portrait, and given the category a new contemporary twist. His ability to talk about recent issues such as climate change and our internal thoughts through his work, is absolutely stunning and captivating.” – Chris Huffman, Gallery Manager

Visages opens on March 16th and will run till April 30th. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there will not be a formal opening reception. The gallery will be open late on select days which will be announced through social channels.

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