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Canine Club Talent Contest

Oak Highlands Brewery

This is an in-person event

It's time to add some more dog photos to our Canine Club wall and whenever we do that we always throw an event where your dog would enjoy hanging out while you have a couple of beers.

We are also partnering with White Rock Dog Rescue who will have the following:
1) Dogs To Visit That Are Up For Adoption
2) Puppy Kissing Booth
3) Dog Agility Stations
4) Dog Hotels - If you brought your dog and you both need a timeout.
This time we will also host a talent show for your dogs! We will set up a stage and if your dog knows an awesome trick he or she could win great prizes from local businesses!
If you would like to join our Canine Club it is only $20 and it includes the following:
Your Dog's Pic and Bio on our Canine Club Wall.
A Special Canine Club Pint Glass
A Free Beer!
Homemade Dog Treats made in our brewery
You can bring the pint glass back for future visits and get a $1 off every beer!

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