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IN STUDIO ADULT WORKSHOP: Color Film Photography 101

Oil and Cotton Creative Exchange

IN STUDIO: April 17 Color Film Photography 101
CLASS DATE: Saturday, April 17, 3-6pm
LOCATION: Oil and Cotton Studio and surrounding neighborhood (OUTSIDE)
INSTRUCTOR: Melissa Cunningham
NUMBER OF STUDENTS: We are limiting in person classes to 8 students. Students are required to wear a mask throughout the entire class and adhere to our safety policies.

Every type of film has its own personality, its own way of interpreting light, its own way of showing you a simple green or yellow or red. Everyone, enthusiast or professional, has their own creative preference, and it takes time to experiment until you find yours. We’re going to look at some basic differences between the most common color films out there then dig into one of the most popular professional color film stocks: Kodak Portra.

This class covers:
--Review of loading and unloading film
--How to meter for available light
--Best practices for metering with color film, especially the Portra family
--Tips for slowing down, seeing light, and using your camera to make beautiful images

Class will be held outdoors to give everyone space and features guided practice plus a photo walk down Davis Street for candid photography. Please bring your own 35mm or medium format camera. All participants will receive one roll of Kodak Portra 160 or 400 to use during class. If you do not have a film camera to use, but are interested in the class, please contact the studio when registering; we have a limited supply of cameras to lend.

We are an easy going bunch and look forward to helping you step into a new creative practice or just find a little more confidence when you pick up your camera. Light is everything, and this class will help you find it.

Includes one roll of Kodak Portra


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Dates & Times
  • Saturday, April 17, 2021 @ 3:00 pm   2021-04-17 15:00:00 2021-04-17 18:00:00 America/Chicago IN STUDIO ADULT WORKSHOP: Color Film Photography 101 //artandseek.org/calendar/event/106407/in-studio-adult-workshop-color-film-photography-101 Oil and Cotton Creative Exchange, 817 West Davis Street, #110, Dallas, TX, 75208

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