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New Gallery Show for January and February

Filtered Craft Coffee House

The Art Gallery at Filtered in McKinney is pleased to announce the January 15 to March 15 installment of art created by four area award winning artists.  We are so pleased to be showing their work.  We have more artists installed in the gallery with exciting art to be viewed.

Pastelist Wendy Koehrsen is an award winning artist who creates pastel works of exotic animals, birds and pets.  Her art is extraordinary in the way she creates fur and feathers by using a combination of marks with pastels.

Linda Cary creates pen and ink "entangles"  with a variety of different subjects from animals to intricate abstract designs.  Linda also constructs mini-trees and bonzai trees from wire of copper, aluminum, silver or gold coated copper which is then mounted on natural stands of driftwood or stone.  Her finished work is beautiful with its lyric movement and design.

Jose Angle Hernandez has created oil paintings of famous Blues singers entitled the "Womanly Blues". He has 20 paintings inches collection.  We are thrilled to be showing 4 of them, Ma Rainey, Dinah Washington, Ruth Brown and Koko Taylor.  Jose has researched his subjects and has included in his installation shore biographies of each Blues woman. An Award winner, he also loves to create art with shapes, texture and found objects, pushing the envelope of art just a little.

Abebe Zelelew is an award winning artist who has continued his tradition of creating beautiful carvings of native culture and symbols. His work entails designing a subject, carving it into the wood with various textures.  The piece is finished by painting it with vibrant colors in acrylics. Abebe has just finished these two pieces now on display at AGF.


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