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The Business Side of Filmmaking with Anthony Young - Virtual

Dallas Filmmakers Alliance

“If it is all about the story, why is there Sharknado?”
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“If it is all about the story, why is there Sharknado?” Filmmaking is more than an art. It is also a business. We are very excited to have Anthony Young come and talk about the business of filmmaking that is not taught in schools. A member of the Television Academy (Emmys), Anthony started his journey in the field of entertainment in 2012 and in a few short years, developed strong ties in the industry. An outside-of-the-box thinker and "left brain-right brain" strategist, Anthony approaches the development, execution and distribution of projects in unique and creative ways.

Anthony joined Legion M Entertainment Inc. as an Investor / Co-Owner in 2016. Legion M is the first fan base owned production studio and to date has raised over 10 million dollars in equity crowdfunding and co-produced projects such as Colossal, Mandy, and Tolkien. Joined Isparked Studios as Development Executive in 2017 and co-produced "Chosen Kin" currently on its second season at Amazon Prime.

In 2018 he Co-Founded Alter Ego Studios, his first foreign production company in Australia and Beijing which in Sept. 2020 acquired Nebula nominee A.A. Attanasio’s critically acclaimed best-selling sci-fi novel “The Last Legends of Earth” for series development.

In Feb. 2019 he Co-Founded Stargirl Sounds, a Los Angeles-based company with subsidiary offices in Beijing and Shanghai that focuses on unique and disruptive strategies in the development, distribution, and monetization of content for the Millennial and Gen Z market.

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