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"Server 3.0" & Hard Work, No Play" Exhibitions At Ro2 Art Gallery

Ro2 Art in The Cedars

These exhibitions can be viewed in-person or virtually.

Ro2 Art Gallery welcomes Ciara Elle Bryant's "Server 3.0" installation and Brandon Thompson's "Hard Work, No Play" exhibition.

Ciara Elle Bryant:

Server 3.0 serves as a space where identity, culture, and self-actualization can occupy a current sliver of time, all at once. Server exists as an origin story that encompasses a visual bibliography to my art practice. Server is a mixed media installation that incorporates: collage, photographs, audio, moving image, objects, and relics. When brought together, the installation becomes a life-sized view of this bibliography in the real, a space not hosted virtually but physically. My inspiration for Server is the need to save and archive data that embodies Black culture. 

Brandon Thompson:

​Brandon Thompson's visual practice concentrates primarily on painting and sculptural forms, with Thompson acting as a cultural anthropologist. Through works that reflect his memories and community, the absurd, humorous, and emotive snapshots from everyday life are amplified in cartoonish pictorials.
Thompson now introduces a fox-like character, reminiscent of the African American folk trickster figures, Br'er Rabbit and Br'er Fox. In the folktales, Br'er Fox is always outwitted by Br'er Rabbit, no matter how smart and crafty he is. The fox character acts as a vehicle representing Thompson's inner thoughts and the truths about the so-called "bad guy", who might just be highly misunderstood.

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