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Charis Ammon: Inheritance

Old Jail Art Center

Charis Ammon recognizes that she inherited a paved world. In her acceptance of this world, coupled with recently living in New York and prior to that Houston, she strives to discern beauty in this “concrete quilt” of a constructed environment. Based on her observations, her intimate paintings serve as more than just documentation of cracked or upheaved concrete, piles of debris, and records of never-ending repair. For Ammon, these observations and resulting works serve as metaphorical parallels to human psychological and physical behavior.

Much like the physical world, we construct our own realities and physical lives that are fallible and destined for damage or breakage, sometimes by no fault of our own. We, too, are constantly in a state of repair.

For the Cell Series, Ammon will present her paintings along with new quilted works. Though a very different approach to image making, the connections should be obvious.

The 2020 Cell Series is generously supported by the National Endowment for the Arts and the McGinnis Family Fund of Communities Foundation of Texas. Additional funding from Susie & Joe Clack, Jenny & Rob Dupree, Jon Rex Jones, Amy & Patrick Kelly, and Kathy Webster in memory of Charles H. Webster.

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