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The Slide Show Show #002: Blacked Out

*Virtual Event

Need something to be thankful for Thanksgiving weekend? The Slide Show Show is back! Grab your people, gather the leftovers, crack some hooch and tune in to blackout on weird and wild images mmmkay.

The Slide Show Show is a slide show of sacred images from the dark recesses of our hard drives and clouds, curated into a live stream to give you a good smattering of social lubrication during these stay-at-home Friday nights. It’s something to drink, laugh, and emotionally quiver at with your friends or lovers IRL (or video chat, or party line). Because we’re all tired of looking at the same windows and wallpapers, online or off.

STEP 1:Invite Your Friends (Zoom or IRL)

The Slide Show Show is social lubricant. It’s like watching a baseball game, walking through the zoo, or people-watching… it’s better with friends. It serves as stimuli for observation, conversation, and shared moments of “holy shit, did you see that?” So rally a crew and lock it in!

STEP 2:Prep Your Experience

Make the most of this show show by carefully crafting the perfect watching party. Make your home a dream venue!

1: Make a music playlist, something with a beat; 2: Turn the lights down and bust out a smelly candle; 3: Get some food, libation and illicit substances; 4: Set out some comfy seats, or a blanket fort; 5: Pick a slide show viewer: TV, computer, or projector?

STEP 3:Hit The Live Stream

You’ve gotta get The Slide Show Show up before you can get down. Mark your calendar with the link below. The night of, set up your viewing device (television, laptop, whatnot), and hit our YouTube stream a few minutes before the show to enjoy the big countdown. (LIVESTREAM LINK:

STEP 4:Slide Into The Fun Yourself!

Have some weird and wondrous images tucked away in a cloud or album that you’d like to share? Send them to us so we can slide them into the show! [email protected]

We love images that are unique, absurd, funny, mysterious, beautiful and all those other stimulating adjectives. What we can’t use is anything that violates Youtube’s standards, hateful content, animated GIFs, gore porn, captioned images (a good image shouldn’t need them), self-promotional pieces and memes.

If you think it’s cool, it probably qualifies. So email us those gems now!

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