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Artists Enclave's Electric Eclectic - Virtual Event

Artists Enclave of Denton County

It’s art. It’s music. It’s poetry. It’s the Electric Eclectic.
Artists Enclave of Denton County will open the Electric Eclectic Oct. 30, at The show runs through Nov. 30.

Enclave member Sam Troutte of Troutte Marketing Company takes an exciting new approach to the virtual experience that allows you to “walk” through a gallery. You can browse through original paintings, photography, jewelry, music videos, storytelling and more.

More than 15 local artists and performers will be represented at the show; all art pieces will be for sale. Each participating artist will provide contact information and pricing.

Community celebrities will be dropping by our Denton Celeb Corner, including the Bearded Monk’s Ben Esley, who will appear in special edition videos with podcast host Kimberley Dietrich.

Bring the kids along for the Children’s Corner, where they can listen to a different storyteller each week. North Texas comedian and actress, Sarah Anne Adams, kicks off Halloween weekend in this area devoted to entertaining children ages 3 - 8 years of age.

All this excitement will take place in a modern seaside “museum" along with a walk through room to room maze.

Artwork will rotate throughout the month, so you’ll want to visit several times so you don’t miss anything. There’s no fee for this stimulating experience, so drop in again, and again, and again.

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