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Art in Life Blog - Virtual Event


SITE131 has invented a way to stay connected artistically to its area, national, and global audience. During these three months veteran cirector|curator Joan Davidow has e-blasted a new weekly program called ART in LIFE™, which pairs an image she photographs on her daily walk or occasional drive around Dallas with a recognized work of contemporary art.

“When I walk the streets of Dallas, or pass locales while in the car, I see images that remind me of art I’ve seen before,” claims Director Davidow. “I snap an image with the I-phone and Bingo! it is ready for a coupling. Sometimes, I don’t have a mate for the image right away, but it lingers in my visual memory until I garner a match.”

ART in LIFE™ presents two side-by-side images ~ a found image matched with a recognized artwork. The images are defined with specifics about the artwork. A short engaging paragraph then defines the artwork: the artist who created it, details about the work, and its reason for being. The pairing guides on-line visitors to see in new ways and learn about contemporary art.

In the inventive program, two of the pairings were contributed from the imaginations of two guest viewers, and Davidow thanks and welcomes those who share. All the published visuals are now available on line on SITE131’s website: and labeled: ART IN LIFE BLOG.

At present, its expansive on-line audience has developed from SITE131 gallery guests and visitors to its on-line address.

While currently closed, SITE131 is finalizing plans for its fall exhibition: FRESH FACES from the Rachofsky Collection, a presentation of the younger emerging talents gathered in recent years by the Rachofskys. For information, contact [email protected].

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131 Payne Street · Dallas, TX 75207

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