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6th Annual Grand Assault of Arms

Farmers Branch Historical Park

En Garde! The Victorian Fencing Society will present the Grand Assault of Arms, a public exhibition of the nineteenth century martial art of fencing on Saturday, November 14, from 1 pm to 3 p.m. at the Farmers Branch Historical Park.

Fencing, or the use of the sword, is a modern Olympic sport. However, in the nineteenth century it was still part of a gentleman’s education and considered a martial art where you might have to defend yourself on the battlefield or the dueling ground.

The Grand Assault of Arms recreates contests similar to the kind held throughout the nineteenth century. These were highly popular, celebrated events, where spectators flocked to see renowned swordsmen face off in public. The exhibition will feature the type of arms and uniforms of that era

Jonathan Carr, President of the Victorian Fencing Society notes that “The Grand Assault is an opportunity for our fencers to showcase their skills in a variety of weapons that were used in the nineteenth century. This includes Classical Foil, Military Saber and the Dueling Sword.

The public is invited to cheer for their champions, ask questions, and take photos. Trained fencers will be on hand to answer any questions the public may have. By the end of the afternoon, a winner will be announced.

The Victorian Fencing Society was formed in 2012 to promote the research, training and demonstration of the fashion of fencing from the nineteenth century. Training and demonstrations are performed with blunt practice swords, protective equipment and uniforms that would have been used during the Victorian era.

The Society has held exhibitions at the Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas Public Library, Akon Convention, Teslacon Steampunk Convention in Wisconsin, Farmers Branch Historical Park, Dallas Heritage Village, and many other locations. Classes are held at the Fencing Institute of Texas at 1000 West Crosby Road Suite 134 Carrollton, TX 75006.




2540 Farmers Branch Lane · Farmers Branch, TX 75234