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VIRTUAl ART WORKSHOP: Natural Dyes- Cochineal

Oil and Cotton Creative Exchange

VIRTUAL: December 6, Natural Dyes: Cochineal
CLASS DATE: Sunday, December 6th, 3pm-6pm
LOCAL REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 3 days before the scheduled workshop
SHIPPING REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 7 days before the scheduled workshop
LOCATION: Your home!
INSTRUCTOR: Analise Minjarez 

In the workshop participants will be introduced to the world of natural dyes. We will use the Tierra Firme Cochineal Natural Dye Kit to explore surface design in textiles!  All participants will learn the basics of natural dyes, how to extract color for a cochineal dye bath, natural dye vocabulary, material resources and how to prep cloth for the dye bath. Students will dye a cotton tea towel and a cotton bandana.

This workshop is a great way to invest in your natural dye studio and continue your practice at home! You can work in the kitchen or outside with a hot plate. Once your dye tools are used in the dyeing process, they must be used in your dye studio only. These tools and workshops will build the foundation to experiment with other dyes and processes. 

Cochineal is one of the most precious natural dyestuffs in the world. The insect receives its carmine color by feeding on the fruit-bearing prickly pear cactus, native to tropical and subtropical Mexico and South America. Cochineal farmers harvest the pregnant female insects, which holds the brightest red colors, and then dry the insects.

In this kit you will explore using a mordant called alum to receive magentas on cloth. Tannins and mordants help the fiber take the natural dye and will alter your colors. Alum will brighten your colors and with an addition of lime juice, you can make the dye colors red and pink.  A welcome email will be sent the day before your workshop with login details for the class.

Workshop Kit contains:

  • cochineal bugs

  • tannin powder

  • potassium aluminum

  • sulfate gloves

  • wood shapes

  • rubber bands

  • cotton bandana

  • cotton tea towel

You will need to provide: *note these tools can not be used in the kitchen after utilized for the dyeing process

  • stainless steel stockpot

  • stainless steel saucepan

  • heat source (stove or hot plate)

  • measuring cups (1-2)

  • tongs

*Local kit pickup is available Tuesday-Friday, 2-4pm at Oil and Cotton. Kits will be left on our back deck or by the back door with your name clearly written. Please email with questions to [email protected]

*Distance learners can have their kits shipped only if you place your order 7 days before the scheduled workshop.

*If you would like additional materials such as paints, paper or brushes, please purchase from our website and we will add to your kit.

This workshop is open to friends near and far. If you are registering with a friend please use the discount code BUDDY to receive 10% off of your registration.

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  • $110-$155
Dates & Times
  • Sunday, December 6, 2020 @ 3:00 pm   2020-12-06 15:00:00 2020-12-06 18:00:00 America/Chicago VIRTUAl ART WORKSHOP: Natural Dyes- Cochineal //artandseek.org/calendar/event/105474/virtual-art-workshop-natural-dyes-cochineal Oil and Cotton Creative Exchange, 817 West Davis Street, #110, Dallas, TX, 75208

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