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October Playlets - Virtual

Stage West

October Playlets will be 3 short plays, performed live, and streamed to your digital device:

Hey Stranger by Steph Del Rosso
Eve and Gideon are catching up for the first time in years after a messy breakup. As old feelings and new curiosities arise, the purpose for this reunion is revealed - and everything that could possibly go wrong, does. A comedy about mixed signals, loneliness, bad internet connection, and one very precocious high schooler.

Intro to Fiction by Ken Urban
During virtual office hours, a professor discusses his student’s latest short story which feels a little too familiar and a little too close to home. As they grapple with what is real and what is fiction, teacher and student must both reckon with how to write a good ending. A touching piece about where we find inspiration and how we honor it.

Boredom, Fear and Wine  by Craig Pospisil
In the midst of a global pandemic, Harper and Jess are meeting online for a virtual therapy session. Between the disease and being confined at home, Harper is at wits end. Jess tries to be a sympathetic ear, but things are not quite as they seem and the session goes off the rails. A short farce about breakdown in lockdown.

$25/household through Oct 1, then $30/household, or $35/household with VIP talkback before the performance

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  • $25-$35

821 West Vickery Boulevard · Fort Worth, TX 76104

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